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Communications secretary Markus Virtanen

President Rasmus Kurtén

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Quartet manager Tom Lindberg


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IBAN FI97 4055 1810 0000 87


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The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki

The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki––Akademiska Sångföreningen or simply Akademen in Swedish––is a Finland-Swedish male voice student choir based in Helsinki, Finland.

The choir was founded as early as 1838 by German-born Fredrik Pacius, music teacher at the Imperial Alexander University of Finland (now the University of Helsinki) and known as "the father of Finnish music". Akademen is thus the oldest Finnish choir still in existence, and the ties to the University are still strong, although our members today come from many different universities and colleges all around Helsinki.

At present, Akademen has about 60 active members, most of whom are university students. However, quite a few choose to stay with us long after graduation, which makes for a healthy mix of youth and experience. We give concerts regularly in Finland, and travel abroad as frequently as possible. In addition to all Scandinavian and many European countries, Akademen has been on tour in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Ever since 1954, we have actively and regularly been collaborating with our University of Helsinki sister choir, The Academic Female Voice Choir Lyran.

Our history

After its founding in 1838, Akademen (or Akademiska Sångsällskapet as the choir's earliest incarnation was called) became an important symbol of national awakening in the emerging Finnish nation. In 1848, the choir performed Pacius' composition Vårt land (words by J. L. Runeberg) for the first time ever during the students' celebration of Flora Day. The composition was later to become the national anthem of the independent Finland.

In 1883, Finnish-speaking members of the then-bilingual choir opted to establish a Finnish-language choir of their own––the YL Male Voice Choir, today one of Akademen's brother choirs in Helsinki.

The 20th century saw several prominent conductors in charge of Akademen. Among these were famous composers Bengt Carlson, Nils-Eric Fougstedt and Erik Bergman. Present conductor M.Mus. Kari Turunen has directed the choir since 2008, following Henrik Wikström's eleven years as conductor.

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